"Vicky Kuno

a year ago
Asia is an incredibly knowledgeable yoga instructor. She carefully guides each student to their own individual potential and is very precise with her step by step instruction for each pose. Asia has made a positive difference in the way I live and enjoy my life both physically and mentally. We have nicknamed her the "Yoda of Yoga."
Gilles Gagnon
a year ago
I can't imagine yoga with any other instructor! Asia is simply the best yoga teacher around. Her thorough knowledge of anatomy and all her years of experience and training are evident in her attention to proper alignment and safety of execution of poses. Every student gets individual attention, unlike other classes I have attended. My posture has improved so much and I no longer have any knee problems.
Kit Gagnon
3 months ago
Asia is very good at explaining the hows and whys about what you're doing. Her knowledge is incredible and individual attention extremely helpful. It helps you to understand how to help correct your postures and do them correctly to prevent misalignment and any future injuries. I definitely feel so much improved since starting her classes.
Sylvia Leonard
3 months ago

I have really been enjoying my yoga classes with Asia. She is incredibly informative and very patient with beginners! I'm impressed with her overall wellness knowledge and her ability to push her students to try new things while being very cognizant of ensuring we don't hurt ourselves. I have an injured shoulder and she has been instrumental in helping me move it to a better place of healing. I am an individual whose body holds a lot of stress - I am so impressed with how Asia is able to get me to relax. When I attend class I am so focused, I don't get distracted by thoughts of anything else and just truly enjoy being in the moment. Thank you Asia.

I have almost finished eight yoga sessions with you and would like to thankyou for the positive difference it has made for me. I had been having pain in my knee for a long time. My knee was swollen and it hurt to walk and climb stairs. Of course everything is attached and so my hips and shoulders were being affected. I was worried about having to have a knee replacement. 

Soon after starting the beginners' group, the pain lessened and has continued to do so. I can once again manage stairs painfree.

You have suggested exercises to do at home which are manageable and have made a difference. I am totally comfortable in your group due to your compassionate nature, your knowledge of how to adapt a movement and your personal attention mixed with your sense of humour. I am looking forward to the next session.

Thank you!"

- Nancy Kumpf -

 “I started yoga with Asia a year ago. Back then, I had 2 tears in my rotator cuff muscles and couldn't use my arms for anything. I've tried physiotherapy, muscle-building at the gym, massages, a chiropractor and Bowen therapy.

I work in IT (with computers) and had to work with 2 pillows all day long. I couldn't lift my arms more than a few inches.

After several months with Asia, I could use my arms for almost anything. The strength is not all back but I could lift my arms over my head and go about day-to-day without suffering and without much of the limitations!

When I called Asia for the first time she explained to me how yoga could help me. She was right. My life really changed because of yoga and all the special attention Asia gave me to improve my condition. ”

- Marie Grenier Davis -


 “I was recommended to Asia Shin Yoga by my chiropractor. I had been receiving treatment from him for quite awhile for my osteoarthritis and for a painful right arm caused by ‘mousing’, carrying heavy garden pails, and by doing a lot of cutting with my rotary cutter (I am a quilter.). He had treated me with acupuncture, ultrasound and interferential treatment, but he suggested that yoga may also be very beneficial, and he recommended Asia.

I had wanted to sign up for yoga for quite some time, but had consistently procrastinated; his advice gave me the push I needed. I have had eight classes at this point in time and I just remarked to my husband that I had just realized that I had no more pain in my right arm! As well, I am remembering to keep my shoulders down, breathe more deeply, and to sit tall, and I look forward to each class with enthusiasm.”

- Brenda deBlauw -


 “I just wanted to let you know that your yoga classes have been exceeding my expectations. Last week when attending one of your classes my neck and lower back were in a lot of pain. In the past when feeling this pain (old accident injuries) I’ve usually made a visit to my chiropractor. During that yoga class we did a lot of exercises that helped stretch and align my sensitive areas. I was amazed to see that as the day passed… so did my pain. I only wished I had started yoga with you years ago. I am thoroughly enjoying every class I attend; you make it a great experience.”

- Lisa Di Cristofaro -

“I love the way you teach and I am glad you encourage us to develop our potential. I think, you listen and try to learn to best meet your student’s needs. I am so glad I have found you.”

 -  Marilyn Eves -

 “While I was in Florida, I attended several hatha and flow (yoga) classes – although I got a good workout, no instructor had your level of competence and knowledge!!! I miss you and look forward to returning to class.”

 -  Andrea DeSantis -  

 “I wanted to let you know that my lovely little boy Colin has arrived! … We’re already up and about together … and I credit YOU and your wonderful classes with keeping me fit as a fiddle through that long pregnancy, Asia. Thank you so much for those classes: I can’t wait until I can return. You’re not just a great teacher, you’re a lovely person, and I very much enjoy your company.”

 - Leah Knight -