Congratulations to your determination to look after yourself! I will be one of your dedicated cheerleaders.  


Asia Teaches:

Purna Yoga (means complete, whole, integral); Step-by-step instructions to guide students (beginners to advanced) safely on the mat or off the mat in workshop style.

Learn to breathe effectively and move in correct alignment to prevent injuries or improve from the previous injuries or conditions. 

Discussions about applied yoga philosophy, nutrition and life-style changes (i.e.: Why Asia does not wear black colour, unless there is no other option.) to be the best one can be; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Read more about the Purna Yoga visit; www.purnayoga.com

The students will: 

As a side effect, become happier by 'fall in love with oneself'. 

 Asia offers: 

Private Yoga Lessons

Small Classes: All Level (open to all) 

in the lovely boutique studio.


Register and/or inquiry:

Email: yogawithasia@gmail.com